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Brian Davidson
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

“The mobile technology (mobile visa application centre, MVAC) is great news for customers – applying for a visa is now more convenient, which makes visiting the UK easier”

Hugh Keachie
Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

“Visited today from UKVI whilst assessing them for Customer Service Excellence Standard. This visit confirmed the strong relationship and the provision of quality service to the customer.
P.S. Enjoyed the Coffee too!”

Tony Atkins
UKVI Entry Clearance Manager, Bogota

北京赛车pk10皇家 www.9ycj.cn “Many thanks for hosting us all on our Customer Service Excellence renewal look-around. The office looks great, and all went really well. Thanks again.”

HE Mr Tomislav Bosnjak
Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia

Cooperation between the Croatian Embassy and VFS has been excellent since the beginning. We believe that all visa applicants from the gulf are profiting from the cooperation. The Opening of new Visa centre fortifies to the success VFS in gleaming in the gulf and to the satisfaction with their effort to assist all countries and people intending to visit.

It was a proud pleasure to be present at the opening of the Visa centre and witness the success of VFS in the gulf, I am certain our cooperation will continue and extend my congratulations to VFS staff and management.

Padma Ganesh
Under Secretary to the Government of India

VFS Global has been managing the Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) since mid-November 2014, handling registration of grievances and providing need-based information in 11 languages through the helpline, to overseas Indian emigrants and their families as well as to intending emigrants. They also manage the Migrant Resource Centres (MRC) in Kochi, Hyderabad and Gurgaon, where visitors can walk-in for counselling/information on overseas employment and related grievances.

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs is satisfied with the services provided by them since they have taken over the work. The Ministry wishes them success in their future endeavours.

Dr Mahesh Sharma
Honourable Union Minister of Tourism and Culture, Government of India

It was a pleasure to inaugurate VFS Global's Visa Application Centre in New Delhi and interact with the representatives of so many Governments who are offering visa services from this centre.

I am pleased to note that VFS Global, a company with Indian origins, is setting global standards of excellence in the field of visa processing and I congratulate the entire team for their success in bringing multiple Missions under one roof in the capital.

I am confident this centre will enhance the visa application experience and adequately meet the needs and aspirations of the global Indian.

Vishnu Prakash
Ambassador, Embassy of India Seoul

“I am delighted that VFS Global has taken over outsourced visa work on behalf of the Embassy of India, Seoul on 2 February 2015. I have been impressed by the seamless transition which speaks volumes about VFS Global’s professionalism. I am confident that VFS Global will render a very high quality service that would be a matter of pride for both the company and for the Embassy of India.”

Peter Schmahl
Head of the Visa Section, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Moscow

Dear VFS Global team,

Thank you very much for the good cooperation with you! The daily communication with you is very comfortable and just as easy. We are always impressed how flexible you solve our problem cases and develop creative solutions together with us. When we came to Moscow and had a look at the map of the Russian Federation, we understood the meaning of the word “large-scale” also in connection with your services. Now the area does not seem to be so huge, as we have already opened 16 visa application centres. Last year we have opened four new visa application centres and this year we will open some more. Thus, the success story seems to go on...’’

(With compliments from Ms Svenja Weller, Responsible for the co-operation of the German visa section with VFS Global)

Andreas Klassen
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jekaterinburg

Today we look back on one year of successful cooperation with VFS Global in Ekaterinburg. The opening of the VAC in February 2013 and its most efficient and professional operation by VFS Global have substantially facilitated life not only for the Visa-Section of the German Consulate General but also - and even more importantly - for the visa applicants in the Ural region.

Additional improvements came with the recent opening of Visa Centres in Ufa and Perm in November 2013 and January 2014 respectively.

We are most grateful to VFS Global for this valuable contribution to the development of closer ties between the Ural region and Germany.

Benedikt Loecherer
Visa Application Center (VAC) Liaison Officer, The Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in Moscow

Dear VFS team,

By writing these lines I would like to thank you very much for uploading the German and English version of the VFS website. I have browsed the new website yesterday evening and I am very content with our common work. We have extended and amended information, restructured many segments, briefly put greatly increased user experience. All of you have been a constant source of support in this project. This adds to the professionalism I have experienced since first working with VFS. It is a pleasure working with you guys.

Louis Dumas
Minister Counsellor, Immigration Program Manager, Embassy of Canada, Beijing,

The Canadian Embassy in Beijing has contracted VFS Global since 2008 to provide visa application submission services in four cities in China. During this time, VFS Global has provided a high level of service. VFS Global has been consistently punctual in conveying applications to and from the Embassy. They provide data entry services with a high degree of accuracy.

VFS Global has also demonstrated quality client service, both in receiving applications and in responding to client enquiries and requests. Perhaps most importantly, VFS Global proved capable of adjusting smoothly and quickly to significant changes in processing requirements, including seamlessly re-routing applications within the network.

Simon Hurditch
First Secretary (Immigration), DIAC - Australian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Australian government has appointed VFS Global for the provision of visa services in Indonesia. This agreement commenced in October 2006 for an initial three year period which has recently been extended. We are very satisfied with the services provided by VFS Global. VFS Global is well experienced in this type of work and are responsive to our changing needs and requirements including the focus on client service. VFS Global works closely with my office to develop innovative, client focussed solutions to providing a service for all Indonesia.

Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
Ambassador, Embassy of India, Bangkok, Thailand

I would like to place on record my appreciation for the good work done by your team at the Indian Visa Application Centre of VFS Global. While this Embassy’s effort has been to constantly improve visa and consular services to applicants, based on changing needs and feedback received, I would like to mention that your unit has adapted well and provided a very professional service. I am happy that the VFS Global team has shown the ability to innovate and has readily taken on additional responsibilities. I have received positive feedback regarding the courteous and professional service at the VFS Global unit. This has resulted in considerably improving an applicant’s overall experience with the Embassy’s visa and consular processes.

Attila Tar
Counsellor / Consul, Embassy of Hungary, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hungary only joined the VFS Global operated Joint Visa Application Centre (JVAC) in December 2010, in Dubai. Our main goal was to facilitate the visa application process for those who reside outside Abu Dhabi and for whom travelling to our Embassy would cause significant efforts time-wise. After less than one year of co-operation, I can confidently confirm that we have created a more customer friendly environment. By submitting the applications in their home city, Dubai residents save precious time while receiving a professional and efficient service, with numerous options to choose from. During my visits to the JVAC, I was always deeply impressed with the extremely high level of organisation regarding all imaginable aspects of the work. The staff showed thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations that we must apply in the Schengen system and whenever changes occurred, VFS Global could immediately adapt to them. The management of JVAC Dubai was a reliable partner in my work, always ready to co-ordinate and always at hand when there was a problem to resolve. At the end of my tenure in the UAE, my highest appreciation and gratitude goes to VFS Global. I am confident that with your cooperation, we will be able to improve our service further.

Ruth Zumbühl
Consul, Embassy of Switzerland, London, UK

When Switzerland joined the Schengen visa scheme in December 2008 the number of visas increased from one thousand a year to more than one thousand a month. It was just impossible to cope with this huge additional work-load. Therefore we turned to VFS Global for help and thanks to its professional guidance we managed to reorganize our visa-section and webpage. I was highly impressed by the efficient and tailor-made outsourcing-possibilities VFS Global offered us.

Within a few weeks we were able to offer a visa service someone would expect from the Swiss Embassy in London e.g. efficient and courteous. Without our friends from VFS Global it would have been impossible to achieve such a high standard of service for our ever so demanding customers. Thank you VFS Global.

Karl Heinrich Adam
Head of Visa Section, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi, India

VFS Global is well experienced and has proved to be responsive and flexible to our changing needs and requirements at the Embassy. They are focused on customer service and they maintain high standards of client service and delivery.

VFS Global has proved to be a reliable partner for the Embassy and we take his opportunity to express our appreciation to the staff at VFS Global for their professional and courteous attitude which has improved the applicant’s overall experience of the visa application process.

David Tyler
Chief, Consular Section, US Consulate, Mumbai, India

The U.S. Consulate in Mumbai has had an excellent and dynamic partnership with VFS Global since 2001. We interview 1,000 visa applicants every day. With our high-volume workload and our small waiting room, we simply could not keep up with our work without VFS Global’s excellent assistance in collecting documents, performing quality checks, answering enquiries, and handling all of our appointment scheduling for us. VFS Global’s high level of customer service and efficiency is a credit to their operations, and reflects well on the U.S. Consulate. VFS Global has proven to be innovative, responsive, and effective in all that they do, and we enjoy an enterprising, mutually beneficial business relationship.

V K Sharma
Deputy High Commissioner of India, High Commission of India, Canberra, Australia

The letter is to certify that VFS Global has been authorised by the High Commission of India, Canberra as its outsourced service delivery partner in Australia and this partnership was established in January 2008. The authorised outsourced service delivery partner performs various services in relation to acceptance of applications, acceptance of the appropriate consular fees on behalf of the High Commission of India, Canberra and provision of information to applicants related to the service, via service centres, over the internet as well as via a dedicated contact centre. The High Commission of India has been satisfied with the services provided and the ability of the organisation to constantly adapt to changing needs related to rules and regulation as well as work towards continuous improvement of services.

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